Toward a (trans)feminist perspective on health in neoliberalism

Beatrice Busi and Olivia Fiorilli

abstract dell’introduzione al numero monografico di DWF “Tutta Salute”

The neoliberal dismantlement of welfare state and the biomedical normalization pose new questions to feminist critique and politics: how to respond to the attack on welfare without abandoning the critique of its biopolitical implications and dismissing the critical discourses on biomedicine? Furthermore, how to articulate a critical analysis of medicalization that does not rely on essentialist notions of bodily integrity and takes into account the fact that access to health is regulated not only through gender, but also through class and race? Transfeminism, as an intersectional perspective that aims at creating political alliances between embodied subjectivities, can provide some answers. This article analyzes some examples of transfeminism political practices and theorizations that emerged in Italy and Spain in the last years, from advocacy to biohacking and queer experimentations of commonfare. The article also contextualizes them by highlighting the continuity between these politics and perspectives with gay&lesbian, trans, queer, intersex and feminist health movements.

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